It’s Never Too Late: Discovering Sexual Empowerment at 60

Sexual empowerment case study

Written by Sian Johnson

I’m passionate about helping men and their partners navigate the beautiful complexities of intimacy, desire, and relationships. As a Bodyworker and Sex Coach, I blend innovation with a holistic approach, considering not just the physical body but also the mind, heart, and soul. My goal is to create a safe space where genuine connections and transformations can happen.

March 22, 2024

From difficulty with premature ejaculation and penetraton to ejaculation choice and better sex

For many, sexual empowerment at 60 and beyond might seem like a distant dream — at least that’s how it feels for a lot of my clients when they first start sex coaching with me. So I want to share a remarkable story of one of my client’s journeys.

Meet John, a 60-year-old IT professional whose life took a turn after embarking on my Sexual Empowerment Programme, a three-stage sex coaching programme for men to transform their sex life. John had never had a girlfriend and only ever had occasional intercourse with sex workers, which he never found satisfactory, suffering from difficulty in penetration and premature ejaculation. So he came to me to gain confidence, and to learn how to have sex.

Sexual Empowerment At 60

John’s story is not uncommon. Despite his successful career in IT, he found himself grappling with deep-rooted insecurities stemming from a difficult childhood.

“I had a very bad stammer as a child and so had a pretty rotten time at school, and the consequences of that have really stayed with me for my entire life. I completely lacked self-confidence, had had only a few pretty disastrous sexual encounters, and chose a career in IT largely because it avoided dealing with people.”

His journey with intimacy and sexual empowerment at 60 was fraught with challenges and he found himself trapped in a cycle of low confidence and unsatisfactory encounters. That was until he stumbled upon my Sexual Empowerment Programme in early 2023.

“I decided that it was a case of ‘now or never’ for me,” said John, reflecting on the pivotal moment when he made the decision to confront his fears and start the programme.

John’s Journey to Sexual Empowerment

He shares about his journey to sexual empowerment at 60:

“I’m not going to pretend that Sian’s three-stage programme is easy, or even that it’s entirely enjoyable. It’s one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life. There were times, particularly at the beginning of Stage 1, that I was on the verge of giving up, because I didn’t understand the purpose of what Sian was asking me to do, or where it was leading me. But towards the end of Stage 1 it all started to make sense.

Sian really made me look inside of myself and identity all of my doubts and inhibitions, and at least make a start on the road to overcoming them. I found this really, really tough to do, and I don’t mind admitting that there were times that I was in tears, because it brought up all sorts of things I didn’t want to face.”

As well as debunking a lot of myths that John had around the traditional expectations around male sexuality, masculinity and relationships, John was able to find personal strength in choosing what feels right for him in each moment, in arousal, in intimacy and having more choice in his ejaculation.

But throughout the whole experience, Sian was there providing support and encouragement, and with her help I feel I’ve made huge strides towards overcoming the doubt and shame that have held me back from forming relationships. I’d say Stage 1 is all about learning to like yourself as a person, and that wasn’t at all easy for me to do.

Stage 2 and Stage 3, the “Empowered Connection with Women”, and “Empowered Intimacy” sessions, I found really interesting, enjoyable, and rewarding, and I learned a lot from them, including the reasons why my previous sexual experiences had been so unsatisfactory and unsuccessful.

The whole programme, which took me seven months to complete, has been completely transformative for me. I’m not the same person I was when I started. It’s been a huge commitment, particularly from the emotional perspective, but I can honestly say that it’s been one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done. I now understand why I was held back from forming relationship before. I don’t know what the future will hold, but thanks to Sian I do know that I’m now much better equipped to make the most of it!”

Sexual Liberation

I loved working with John on his journey through the Sexual Empowerment Programme guiding him to sexual empowerment at 60 and beyond. As he said, it wasn’t easy and it required strong commitment, dedication and trust; yet, the rewards are immeasurable. It feels like he has emerged from the programme a changed man. 

Today, John stands at the threshold of a new chapter in his life, equipped with the tools and understanding to navigate intimate relationships. It’s never too late to rewrite our stories and reclaim our sexual empowerment at 60 and older. Sexual empowerment at 60 and beyond is more than achievable.

If you’d like to start your unique journey to sexual empowerment at 60, arrange a call to see how I can help you to manifest a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life.