Introducing a Brand New Offering: The Tantric Fusion Retreat

Written by Sian Johnson

I’m passionate about helping men and their partners navigate the beautiful complexities of intimacy, desire, and relationships. As a Bodyworker and Sex Coach, I blend innovation with a holistic approach, considering not just the physical body but also the mind, heart, and soul. My goal is to create a safe space where genuine connections and transformations can happen.

June 20, 2024

Do you want to go deeper on your journey into sacred sexuality and masculine empowerment? I’m excited to announce that I’ve got a brand new offering: The Tantric Fusion Retreat.

This is an exclusive 8-hour experience designed to strengthen your connection to your sacred sexuality, your innate sensuality and your powerful masculine energy.

This bespoke retreat is individually crafted for you and your specific intentions. I weave together teachings and practices from the fields of Tantra, Conscious Kink and Sacred Sexuality, into a transformative journey where you can explore your sexuality in a supportive, non-judgemental environment.

Who is the Tantric Fusion Retreat for?

Explorers with Experience: If you have some background in Tantra, Conscious Sexuality, or Conscious Kink or have worked with me before, this retreat provides a rich learning and practice space to expand your knowledge and experience.

Program Graduates: For graduates of The Sexual Empowerment and The Art of Sexual and Personal Mastery Programmes, this retreat offers a continuation and celebration of your journey, allowing you to further integrate and honour your progress in sacred sexuality.

Couples: Who want to learn the art of sensual Tantric Massage, or want to explore deeper more authentic intimacy. Using a fusion of Ancient Tantric wisdom and the latest sex coaching techniques tailored for the modern world, you will leave with new inspirations on how to revitalise your intimate time together.

If you’re unsure about whether this retreat is right for you, then jump on a call with me and we can discuss.

What can you expect from your Tantric Fusion Retreat?

The Tantric Fusion Retreat is completely tailored to your desires and where you want to expand in your sexuality. It can include elements of: 

  • Bespoke Tantric Massage Experience: Learn advanced techniques to take your sensual and erotic touch to the next level. Experience the profound presence, honouring, and intimacy that Tantric Massage offers, and develop the skills to practise it with confidence.
  • Advanced Tantra Exploration: Engage in deeper Taoist and Tantra practices and techniques tailored to your experience level. Whether you’re here to refine your Tantra skills or seeking to achieve a deeper connection with your partner, you’ll find a supportive space to do so. My approach integrates ancient Tantric wisdom with modern therapeutic practices, guiding you to expand your understanding of sacred sexuality and enhance your intimacy and pleasure.
  • Explore Conscious Kink: I provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore the erotic beauty of conscious kink, enabling you to integrate the principles of power play and kink into your sexual practice. Whether you’re new to exploring kink or looking to deepen your existing practices, you’ll discover how to engage in consensual and mindful experiences that honour boundaries and deepen your connection with yourself and others.
  • The Beloved Experience: Similar to a girlfriend experience but with a tantric twist. We cocreate your retreat of 8 hours or more activities that you would ordinarily share with a beloved. Whether which can include days out, days in, attending a social event, dining in, dining out, engaging in intelligent conversations, shopping for you, expanding your horizons, or exploring sacred connection.
  • Healing and Empowerment: This retreat is a safe, trauma informed, consent driven and non-judgemental space for you to explore, heal, and expand your erotic potential. Access your healthy masculine self and experience the joy of being met by the healthy feminine energy I bring to the sessions.

What do people say?

Best heard from the mouths of people that have experienced this retreat:

“The whole bodywork session was the deepest I have ever experienced and just life changing. I had accepted defeat in ever fully expressing my masculine side again! Your generosity in giving, is a gift to me that I will always treasure. It was the key that unlocked me and guided me through my fears to a wonderful, wonderful experience. Thank you so, so much for that, thank you for simply being you! It was everything I hoped for.”

“I want to say a deep thank you for sharing your time and wisdom on Tuesday, and for welcoming me into your world. It maybe won’t surprise you that I’ve been thinking into our time together a lot since then, and making notes, in an effort to fully understand and integrate the experience. I haven’t quite put my finger on what it is… but there’s been a profound shift in me. I don’t yet have the words to describe it fully, but it’s beautiful and uplifting. So thank you. You’re a blessing.”

“I’d like to thank you again for a very positive experience last week. It was the perfect way to address the situation that I find myself in and is a testament to your skill, training and professionalism that I felt so comfortable and found it so rewarding. The intentions that were set were all fully satisfied and I’m sure there will be many other benefits. It’s obviously no coincidence that since the session I’ve have felt an increase in my sense of vitality, wellbeing and confidence. It was really good to re-connect with my masculine and sexual self in such a safe, welcoming and encouraging environment.”

Are you ready to embark on a journey of sacred sexuality and masculine empowerment?

Arrange a Consultation Call to find out how we can cocreate an exclusive and bespoke Tantric Fusion experience for you.