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Sunday Sex School | Threads of Love: Understanding The Pull, Push and Power of Relationships through Attachment Styles

April 28 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Attachment styles

Welcome to Sunday Sex School, a sizzling series of online panel discussions around topics of sex, intimacy and relationships, hosted by Sian Johnson, Sex Coach for Men.

If you have any questions you would like the panel to explore during the events, please send these by email to [email protected] up to 24 hours before. The panel will then select and respond to questions most pertinent to the topic. There will also be space for an open Q & A at the end.

Registration is free — join us on Zoom. If you wish to preserve your anonymity, change your Zoom name in settings and keep your camera off. Please keep your sound off at all times.

Threads of Love: Understanding The Pull, Push and Power of Relationships through Attachment Styles
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Kate Lambert (she/her)
Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

Kate is a Sex, Love and Relationship coach working to sexual empower women and supporting them to reconnect to their feminine centre and reclaim their inner power source — their pu$$y energy! Kate is also a couples coach helping couples rediscover their connection to one another and a path to more conscious relating. Kate has trained with The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and she’s a qualified teacher with a masters in counselling psychology. Kate is also trained an imago facilitator and uses this life changing method to help couples back into connection and meaningful relating.

Sadhu Valakhilyas (he/him)
Sex, Intimacy, & Relationship Coach

Sadhu is a powerfully present, clear, warm and playful space-holder who brings expertise in ritual process, erotic empowerment, embodiment practices, and shadow work. He is a sex, intimacy, & relationship coach for singles, couples and throuples. Sadhu brings a rich fusion of experience in sexual shamanic work, sexological bodywork, tantra, depth work, and movement, breath & touch practices. He loves to share his gifts in facilitating deep process work and has a great passion for offering transformational group experiences and trainings. He currently lives in Amsterdam.


Fennel Waters a.k.a The Fenwitch (she/they)
Life Coach (empowerment, relationships & intimacy, attachment styles)

Fennel (she/they) a.k.a The Fenwitch, is a queer, neurospicy, sapio & pansexual hu-being; a qualified life coach (empowerment, relationships & intimacy, attachment styles), facilitator, speaker, accredited Mindfulness trainer, and working witch. Their life turn-on is personal development, [mental] health & wellbeing, and Emotional Intelligence. For 30 + years they have been working on their own transformation (ongoing!), as well as in the corporate world, conscious communities, and in private practice. They lead the S€x Positive Community Vermilion, that encourages awareness of, co-creation and co-education in, autonomy, authentic relating, consent & boundaries, neo/tantra, inclusivity, diversity, and conscious kink & BDSM.


Sian Johnson (she/her)
Sex Coach for Men
Sian is a holistic Sex Coach for Men and their partners, with nearly a decade of exploring and training with some of the worlds leading sexperts in the fields of Tantra, Consent, Sexological Bodywork, Coaching, Kink and Psychotherapy. Sian’s unique experience of working with thousands of men, coaching many of them with challenges around sexual and relational dissatisfaction, has informed the launch of her Sexual Empowerment Programme online. Helping more men to access this unique and wholistic approach to sex, relationships and healthy masculine power.


Is all Masculinity Toxic?: Finding Meaning and Purpose in Manhood
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April 28
10:00 am - 11:30 am




Sian Johnson